Analysing Evaluation Responses

You can view the results of your evaluation at any time as they are being collected in real-time. You can view a summary of responses; browse, print and delete individual responses, filter responses; securely download your data as CSV (Excel) or XML files; and create custom reports based on the response data and share these with others.

Downloading Response Data

The download function can be accessed by clicking the [Download] button in the Analyse section

You can download the responses you have collected at any time, even while you are still receiving responses. Doing so does not disrupt your evaluation in any way.

Data can be downloaded as CSV (Excel) and XML files. You can choose to download the data in standard or SPSS formats, as one full response per row or one individual answer per row, or in extended or condensed SPSS formats.

NOTE: If you have applied any filters to the data within the Analyse section, the data you download will only contain the filtered responses. If you want to download all the response data for your evaluation, then you must remove all filters, eg by temporarily marking them as inactive on the Filter Responses page.

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Filtering Evaluation Responses

You can create and manage filters for your response data by clicking on the [Filter Responses] button within the Analyse section.

Filtering allows you to organize and view subsets of data based on the criteria you choose. You can add multiple filters and combine them. You can choose whether responses should 'match all filters' or 'match any filter'. 

To apply a filter just choose the evaluation question and then select specific answer choices you want to include in the results.

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Viewing Evaluation Responses

The responses for each page are saved and displayed in the Analyse section after respondents click the [Next] or [Save & Exit] buttons within the evaluation.

Responses Overview:

The Response Overview is the default Analyse page. This page provides the summary view of your evaluation results and displays information such as the number of respondents that answered each question, the percentages each answer option received and basic bar graphs.

NOTE: Open-ended responses will not be visible directly on the Summary page. Please click the [View] button in the space where the open-ended question would be to see all of your respondents’ comments.

Browse Individual Responses:

To view individual responses, click the [Browse Responses] button in the top right of the Analyse section. The Browse Responses page will open to the first response and will allow you to page through all responses one by one. You have options to Print and Delete individual responses at the top of the page.


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