How can I create effective evaluations/questions?

For an evaluation to be successful it must be based on sound, well-constructed questions.

TrainingCheck includes a large number of carefully designed questions for you to choose from in the Question Library, but you may also want to create your own questions to meet the specific needs of your organization or context.

Any evaluation questions you create should ideally:

  • be linked to the objectives of the training programme/event
  • be clearly stated and clearly indicate how to respond
  • be valid (ie they test what they are designed to test)
  • be reliable (ie they provide consistent results)
  • be free from bias (ie are not ‘loaded’ questions)not overlap with other questions
  • accommodate all possible answers (especially multiple choice questions)
  • not offer too many response choices as to be confusing, but allow enough variety to provide useful results
  • not assume the respondent knows the answer to the question
  • where appropriate, take into account factors that may support or hold back learning and its transfer to the workplace.
  • be sensitive to any moral or ethical issues


Also doing the following will usually greatly improve the user-friendliness of your questions and the quality and usefulness of the responses you get:

  • agree the question content with key sponsors
  • keep the questions short
  • put questions in a logical order
  • don’t use abbreviated words
  • don’t make questions dependent on the responses to previous questions (branching)
  • don’t ask the respondent to order or rank a series of more than five items.


Once you have created your questions it’s a good idea to pilot test them. Ideally this should be with people from the target audience.


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