How do I add questions/pages into an evaluation?

Follow these steps to create an evaluation and add questions or pages.

Step 1: Create an Evaluation

When you are ready to begin creating an evaluation, click on the [Create Evaluation] button which can be found within any Project (click on the ‘My Projects’ tab for a list of your projects)

Choose between the following options:

  • Create a new evaluation from scratch.
  • Copy an existing  evaluation.
  • Use a TrainingCheck example evaluation

Give the evaluation a name and click the [Next] button.


Step 2: Add Questions and Pages

After creating your evaluation the Edit Evaluation page immediately opens.

  • Click the [Add Question] button to add your first question.

To create the question:

  • Choose the question type from the drop-down menu (alternatively you can choose to copy existing questions from another evaluation in the system or to add questions from the Question Library).
  • Type the question text into the provided textbox.
  • If applicable, type the answer choices into the provided textbox (each must be on its own line).
  • Choose to add any of the optional features (e.g. randomize choices, set to required answer, etc).
  • Click the [Add] button when you are finished.
  • Once you’ve added a question, to add pages to the evaluation simply click the [New Page] button.



  • When you need to re-enter back into the Edit Evaluation mode, click the [Edit] icon located to the right of the title of the Evaluation on the Manage Evaluations page.
  • Adding a new question into an evaluation does not change the current link. You also do not need to resend it. All changes are immediate and updated globally.


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