How do I bold, italicize, underline, etc. items in an evaluation?

If you would like specific parts of the evaluation to stand out, you can use HTML code to add elements like bold or underlines. Knowledge of HTML coding is necessary as we do not offer additional support for this.

How to Use HTML in Your Evaluation:

Type the code (or tags) into elements of the evaluation design where you can enter text, such as the questions, answer choices, page titles/introductions,  email invitation messages and the evaluation completion message.

NOTE:  If the code itself still appears in the evaluation after activating it, for each of the questions click [Edit] and then [Save] again to reload them. 

Important - check all code for correct usage: 

Be sure that everything is clean and correct. If you do not close tags or the coding is incorrect, then it will affect the evaluation design.

Correct Coding:

  • Correct format to bold a word:  <b>word to bold</b>

  • Correct format to italicize a word: <i>word to italicize</i>

  • Correct format to underline a word: <u>word to underline</u>

Incorrect Coding:

  • Incorrect format: <b>This text will not be correct

  • Incorrect format: <b>This text will not be correct<b/>

  • Incorrect format: <b>This text will not be correct<b

You will not be able to use advanced coding such as creating your own buttons. EXAMPLE: <form> elements will not work as this will interfere with our own <form> elements.


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