How do I create a 360 degree / multi-rater evaluation?

Many organizations use 360 degree feedback to plan training and development for employees and/or to evaluate training impact on an employee’s job performance.

360-degree feedback, which is also known as multi-rater feedback, multisource feedback, or multisource assessment, is feedback that comes from all around an employee. "360" refers to the 360 degrees in a circle, with an individual figuratively in the centre of the circle. Feedback is provided by subordinates, peers, and supervisors/managers. It also includes a self-assessment and, in some cases, can also include feedback from external sources such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders.

To create a 360 feedback / multi-rater evaluation in TrainingCheck follow these steps:

Step 1:

Begin by creating one evaluation for the employee to be evaluated. Create an introduction to the evaluation and make it clear who the relevant employee is, then create evaluation questions that you normally use or that are tailored to your organization. 

One of these questions must be a ‘Multiple-Choice - One Answer’ question type which asks the respondent to describe their relationship to the employee. Typically the categories used are ‘Manager or Superior’, ‘Peer’, ‘Subordinate’, and ‘Other’.

Step 2:

Deploy your evaluation to all relevant respondents using any method you choose. All responses will come back into the Analyse section. If you want to view, for example, only the Manager's responses and evaluations, apply a filter to the question about the respondents relationship to the employee.

Step 3:

Copy the evaluation and create new evaluations to use for other employees.


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