What are the Question Library topic areas?

Within the Question Library, questions are organized into the following topic areas:

Topic Area What does it cover?
Training & Participant Details
Details of the training type, level, location, timings, included activities etc. Demographic and other basic information about the participant.
Training Needs Analysis Questions about the business need for training, individual learning needs and the expectations of training outcomes.
Participant Reaction What do the participants think about the training content, materials, methods, facilities etc? What has helped/hindered their learning? How do they plan to apply their learning to their work?
Learning How have participants improved their knowledge and skills? Includes questions about test results data, example test questions and skill observations.
Job Impact       (Learner View) How do participants think their job performance has changed as a result of the training? Questions about the application of learning, changes to competencies and other changes.
Job Impact       (Manager View) What changes have managers seen in participants' job performance? Questions about observations of the application of learning, changes to competencies and other changes.
Business Impact What changes have there been to business performance as a result of changes in job performance? Questions about changes to business performance measures, financial data and other changes.
Other Question modifiers and extensions; Other questions which do not fit into the above topic areas.


To find out why these topic areas have been chosen, please see How to Evaluate Training with TrainingCheck - At a Glance Guide


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