My organization has another account with TrainingCheck - how can I link to it?

Note: This ia  PRO account feature only. BASIC account holders will need to upgrade their subscription to use this feature.

Linking your account with the accounts of other TrainingCheck users in your organization will allow you to share and copy projects, evaluations, templates, library sections and contact lists. For more information on this see our Collaboration/Sharing FAQs.

You can link accounts during the PRO account sign up process by simply entering the account reference number of the account that you wish to link to when requested. This number can be found on the My Account page of the existing account.

You can also link accounts at any other time by contacting our support team with your request. Just use our contact form, or you can email us at Please include the account reference number of the account you wish to link to in your message.

Note: If you purchase multiple PRO accounts at the same time, we will automatically link them for you.


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