What is SSL encryption?

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is a protocol for transmitting private information via the Internet. It essentially works through a cryptographic system that secures a connection between a client and a server. Many websites use SSL encryption when collecting confidential user information and it is supported in all modern browsers. 

Using SSL encryption ensures that key data is safe and may contribute towards compliance with the security policies of your company or institution.

TrainingCheck provides SSL encryption for the following:

  • Sending encrypted URLs to your respondents. The evaluation link and evaluation pages are secured during transmission from your account to your respondents and then back into your account.
  • Downloading your response data and transmitting reports through a secure channel.
  • Secure credit card payments.

You can recognise when data is being sent using SSL encryption by the web address. If a link/evaluation/data is being sent with SSL encryption the web address will begin with 'https' (without encryption it is ‘http’).

For example:  https://www.trainingcheck.com/....


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