Can a respondent exit an evaluation and resume it at a later time, eg on a different computer?

Yes, the system allows respondents to leave the evaluation and resume it later. However, this functionality is dependent on the response collection settings you create.

The system saves responses through either a cookie or by the actual evaluation link. In either case, the [Next] button on a page or the [Save & Exit] button at the end of the evaluation must be clicked to save the page(s) of responses.

Option 1. Email Link/Web Link

When collecting responses using Email or Web Page/ Pop Up Links a cookie is used to save the response by page (not by specific question). If a respondent exits the evaluation early, then s/he must come back to the same computer and use the same browser in order to pick up and finish.

NOTE: Cookies must be enabled. The cookie tracks the page where a respondent exited. If the respondent's browser is set to dump cookies each time it is closed, the cookie will be refreshed and a new, blank evaluation will open every time the evaluation is accessed.

To configure this:

  • Click on the My Projects tab and then on the title of the project which contains your evaluation. This will open the project.
  • Click the [Collect Responses] icon located to the right of the title of your evaluation. This takes you to the Collect Responses options page.
  • Choose from either the 'Send an Email Link' or  'Add a web page/popup link to your website' options, and click the corresponding [Get Link] button. This will take you to a page containing the link(s) to your evaluation.
  • Choose 'No' for the 'Allow multiple responses?' option.  Only this setting allows a respondent to resume an evaluation.
  • Copy the relevant link and paste it directly into your email/website code. 


Option 2. Address Book

When an evaluation is sent using your Address Book the system remembers where the respondent last clicked the [Next] or [Save & Exit] button (this action saves the responses up to that point). It does not use cookies.

Those who receive the invitation can begin the evaluation on one computer, leave the evaluation early, and then re-access the link to finish it on another computer. Or they can simply access the same computer to finish later. The respondent will return to the last completed page no matter which computer is used.

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