How do I manually input responses, eg data entry?

The ability to manually input data into an evaluation can be useful if, for example, you distribute your evaluation on paper and want to enter the responses so that they can be analysed by TrainingCheck.

NOTE: You will need to create an evaluation in our system before you can manually input data.

To manually input data into an evaluation, follow these steps:

Step 1

Click on the My Projects tab and then on the title of the project which contains your evaluation. This will open the project.

Step 2

Click the [Collect Responses] icon located to the right of the title of your evaluation. This takes you to the data collection options.

Step 3

Click the [Add Data Manually] button. This will launch your evaluation and you can now enter your response data.

If you want to add more than one set of data just click the [Add Another Response] button at the end of the evaluation. This will reset the evaluation (no data will be lost) and launch it again ready for your new responses. Do this each time you need to add new sets of data.


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