How can I combine responses to the same question across different evaluations?

Combining / Aggregating Responses

Sometimes you might want to combine responses to the same question when it is used in different evaluations, eg to establish the aggregate total or average response to the question across all your training.

To be able to do this you will need to copy the questions you want to combine.


You create a question: ‘Did you enjoy the training?’  Then you copy it into 20 other new evaluations. When you come to create your report you can combine the responses to the original question together with all 20 other copies of the question.

Combining responses works with all questions, whether created by you, taken from the ready-made examples or imported from the Question Library.


  • Questions and their copies can be edited without affecting combined responses.
  • You do not need to copy the original question - you can also make copies of copies.
  • You do not need to include the original question in your report - any copy of a question can be combined with any other copy of it. 


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