How can I compare data from different training programmes?

There are two ways in which you can compare data from different training programmes.

Option 1 - Export data from identical evaluations to Excel

MS Excel has powerful capabilities for comparing data. You can export data from identical evaluations created in TrainingCheck to Excel and then use the Excel tools to compare the data.

To download response data to Excel:

  • On the Manage Evaluations page, click the [Analyse] icon located to the right of the title of your evaluation. This takes you to an overview of evaluation responses.
  • Click the [Download] button located at the top of the page.
  • On the Download page, choose the ‘CSV(Excel)’ download format option, and the required data format option.
  • Click the [Download] button. The data will be downloaded in an Excel table in the format you have chosen.


Note: Any active filters created in the Analyse section will apply to the downloaded data.

To work with your data in Excel:

  • Paste data from different training programmes into one Excel file.
  • Add a column with a code to distinguish each training programme, then use the Excel filters and calculation options to make the comparisons you require.


Option 2 – Create one Master Evaluation, then apply filters within the Analyse section.

More limited data comparison can be carried out by creating one Master Evaluation, deploying it to the different training programmes you want to compare and then applying filters. (Note: You will need to deploy the exact same evaluation as filters can only be applied to single evaluations). To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1:

At the beginning of your Master Evaluation create a ‘Multiple Choice – One Answer’ question type which asks the respondent to choose their training programme from a list. Add the training programmes you want to compare to this list.

Step 2:

Deploy your evaluation to all relevant respondents using any method you choose. All responses will come back into the Analyse section.

Step 3:

Click on the [Filter Responses] button to apply filters to the response data. For example, if you want to view only the results for a particular training programme, create a filter for the question which asked the respondent to choose their training programme. You can also apply filters to other questions to enable you to drill down into and compare the response data. You can download, print and browse the filtered results using the buttons at the top of the Analyse page.

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