Why can’t I see responses to an evaluation that respondents say they have submitted?

If you do not see a response in the Analyse section and a respondent confirms the evaluation was submitted, please consider the following:

  • Check for active filters - If you have applied response filters within the Analyse section these will determine which responses you see in both the Responses Overview and Browse Responses pages. Try deactivating filters to see if the missing response appears.
  • Track responses - If you sent the evaluation invitation via our mailservers (ie using the Address Book), you can verify who has/has not responded by clicking on the [Track+Remind] icon located to the right of the evaluation name.
  • Test the link - What happens when you test the link? Can you submit a response and see it returned in the Analyse section? If not, there is likely to be a problem with the link. In this case you will need to resend the evaluation with a new link.
  • Save & Exit - Did the respondent click the [Save & Exit] button at the end of the evaluation and receive the evaluation completion message? If not, their evaluation may not have been saved.
  • Required answers - Do you have the required answer feature active on any questions? If so, the respondent must answer these questions in order to be able to progress through the evaluation.
  • Validation - Have you enabled any validations (eg response must be a date, number or specific length) for your evaluation questions? If so, respondents must answer according to the parameters that have been set in order to move through the evaluation.


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