Why can't I see the evaluation responses in my report / why is my report empty?

If you cannot see your evaluation responses in a report or your report is empty, consider the following:

  • Check whether the evaluation has been deleted - If the evaluation containing your responses has been deleted, then the responses will no longer appear in the report. If a deleted evaluation was the only one in the report, then the report will be empty.

  • Check the responses are available – within your project, click on the [Analyse] icon located to the right of your evaluation name and then on the [Browse Responses] button. Scroll through the responses and check that the response(s) you are looking for are present. If they are not, there may have been a problem when responding. See also: Why can’t I see responses to an evaluation that respondents say they have submitted?

  • Check for active filters - If you have applied any response filters when creating a report these will determine which responses you see in the report. Try deactivating filters to see if the missing responses appear.

  • Check that the relevant evaluation/questions have been selected – click the [Edit Report] icon located to the right of the report name and check that the relevant evaluation and questions have been selected to be included within the report. If they haven’t, select them and click the [Create Report] button to recreate the report.


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