Why is my response download not opening?

File is Blocked:

If the file is not delivered it may be that a pop-up blocker is preventing access to the results. In this case you will need to configure your popup blocker to allow the file to be downloaded.

File is Corrupt:

Receiving a message saying your file is corrupt typically indicates one of the following:

  • You do not have the relevant software (eg MS Excel or XML Editor) installed on your computer or it is not working.  There could be an issue with your software or an issue with the application trying to open the file. 

  • Anti-virus software or firewall restrictions are interfering with the download.

In some cases, disabling or turning down anti-virus software will allow the file to come through uncorrupted. In other cases bringing down the firewall, or allowing an exception for TrainingCheck.com will alleviate the problem.


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