Training Evaluation

The TrainingCheck Approach to Training Evaluation

The TrainingCheck training evaluation system was created out of a large-scale project involving a range of employers and training providers.

Extensive research and consultations were carried out to define evaluation methods which could both produce powerful results and, crucially, would be practical for organisations to implement. The evaluation model which emerged out of this research was then developed into an online tool, and this was then tested and trialled across a wide variety of organisations and sectors.

At the heart of the system is the latest 'Return On Expectations' model of evaluation developed by Kirkpatrick Partners. However, because our research told us that it can be informative to use a range of means to evaluate the contribution and impact of training, the approach also incorporates elements (e.g. example evaluation questions) derived from other training and learning evaluation models. These include Josh Bersin’s ‘Learning Impact Measurement Framework’, Robert Brinkerhoff’s ‘Success Case Method’, Jack Phillips’ ‘Return On Investment’ approach and the ‘Balanced Scorecard for Skills’.

Our research and consultations also told us conclusively that there is not a 'one-size-fits-all' solution to training evaluation. The individual circumstances and priorities of each organisation will determine what type of evaluation is possible, practical and useful. Put very simply, sometimes all you may need to do is measure, say, compliance, while in other cases you will want to drill down into the bottom-line impact of the training.

For this reason TrainingCheck provides both a broad choice of ready-made evaluation content (including example training evaluations and a comprehensive question library) and fully flexible evaluation authoring capabilities, which together enable evaluators to establish and carry out evaluations which are most appropriate for their organisation.

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